Coachella 2010


Mary-Kate and Ashley’s first wedding dress creation 
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Where you get that overwhelming wave of loneliness. And the only fix is just crying in a pile of blankets. It will feel fine in the morning. And there are people who I could call but it would just make me feel worse since they are all so far away.

i love you! i’m feeling a little lonely tonight too. i’m always here for you, my rat-race-watching, hamster-holding, tping-houses-and-brians-car, avocado-eating, tea-drinking, beautiful, and always-caring best friend! i’m so grateful you’re a part of my life - even if we’re a few states away most of the time. sending you some positive vibes and a hug! naturalmentality


Our Paris apartment for the weekend.
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i love drummers
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The Parent Trap (1998)


Mini paintings on cedar by Cathy McMurray on Etsy

Canvas  by  andbamnan